Arkleaf’s high-end cherry cabinetry are made exclusively from the Mediterranean Cherry that grows in sunny forests near the Adriatic Sea. The unique and deep soil along with the exposure to a year-long sunshine ,contributes to richness of its colorful texture. Mediterranean Cherry Wood used for custom made cabinets are cut, molded and finished using manual tools and labor to preserve its original texture and uniqueness.  Cherry Kitchens
Arkleaf owns a large parcels of oak forests at Mediterranean triangle. Throughout centuries Mediterranean Oak was used to build a historical war ships. Now-days, the same oak is used to fit interior of villas or finest yacht traveling along the beautiful cost of Adriatic Sea. Arkleaf is keen on delivering a high-end custom made Oak cabinetry at home or abroad. Oak Kitchens
Custom made Maple Cabinetry are currently offered only in its own natural color. The production and delivery of the Maple cabinets is the same as with the Cherry and Oak custom made cabinets. Mediterranean Maple is lite in color and with age becomes golden. Arkleaf’s maple cabinets can be designed according to your classical, contemporary or traditional taste and desires.
Mapple Kitchens