Cherry Lumber as a class one technical wood from our southern Mediterranean forests. It comes from deep soil forest with exceptional tint and pureness. Cherry Lumber
Oak lumber comes from mild sunny forest & from high hills with deep soil with no racks. Thus, our lumber is easy to be cut and mold with least amount of pressure and deformation during the process. Special orders and discounts are offered for mill-work shops and builders.
Oak Lumber
Mapple lumber is all class one wood with traditional quality behind.
Mapple Lumber
Our lumber is prepared only from top quality technical woods that are cut and processed using traditional methods. Thus, our lumber maintains its original bio form. Lumber is either cooked or dried via water heaters or on natural way ‘under the shade and wind’.One centimeter of thickness per one year or for 2 inch thickness for five years. The dry lumber average its moisture between 6 to 8% percent with small fluctuation making it ideal for furniture processing. Lumber preparation