Amazing cabinets, knowledgeable craftsman, and capable set up. Your honesty and reliability are obvious. Thankyou so much! 

Christopher S

March 2016

 I came across the Arkleaf’s store while going to the movie theater in Clifton Park Mall. Passing by their store, we thought it was a furniture store and that they might not be doing kitchen cabinets so we never went inside. A week later, my neighbor told me about the Arkleaf’s Solid Wood Kitchens. The next day, I called the store and got myself an appointment with Jack. He measured my kitchen and helped me select the kitchen layout. I also got 14% precent discount for early order placement of 90 days. I took it as I waited twenty years for a new kitchen so to wait another 90 days was easy. Very happy with the kitchen and the price. 

Ecker John

March 2016

 We selected Arkleaf’s Solid Wood Cabinetry for our Library Wall. The shelving was from the floor to ceiling (10/f height x 18/f length). We are pleased with the craftsmanship and the price. 

Katie & Jason P

January 2016

 My name is Jenny, and I got myself a Walking Closet 12/f x 8/f for the $6,800 from the Arkleaf. It came out beautifully! I would highly recommend Arkleaf’s Solid Wood Cabinetry. 


November 2015

 Anyone that is looking for the Fine Solid Wood Cabinetry - must visit Arklef’s Showroom located at Clifton Park Center Mall. They have unmatched craftsmanship and prices, period. When you go there ask to see their Mediterranean Walnut - Gorgeous! 


August 2015

 I am happy with Arkleaf’s solid wood cabinetry and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for the beautiful solid wood craftsmanship. 

Gary S

August 2015

 We met Jack at Home Show and we had him measure our kitchen and give us his quote for change of cabinetry. His quote for our 15f x 12f Custom Cherry Kitchen came just little bit under $12,000. They installed it for $860. The crown molding came bit too tall, so we had to wait for the new one to be crafted. They build us beautiful coffee table complimentary, for the inconvenience of waiting for the crown molding. Beautiful Character! 

Hester & Laurent

April 2015

 Jack’s knowledge about the technical details of wood and different cabinet designs is what sold me. Great Experience! 

Annora & Alexei

February 2015

 I live in Van Patten Home and I was looking for change of cabinetry for the past ten years but the budget was not there, as I thought that the kitchen renovation will cost me over $30,000. At home show, I came across the Arkleaf’ that quoted their custom solid wood cabinetry along with my kitchen remodeling at $19,866. Remodeling Phase was complete in two weeks! (removed half wall, changed the floors in kitchen and dinning room and removed the soffit). Great Service! 


February 2015

 We got ourselves a Natural Cherry Cabinets from Arkleaf last summer and we are very satisfied with their design and craftsmanship. We were little bit concern for the quality as their quote came 20% precent less from the other shop, however when we received the cabinets we were pleased.  

Jan and Ernie

October 2014

 Arkleaf’s solid wood cabinetry came finished with the matching design from all sides, even the one that are not visible, amazing craftsmanship!!! Great Job, Jack. 

Andrew & Maria

October 2014